Design Thinking Workshops

At CreatEdu we provide a variety of options for Workshops.  From Introduction to Design Thinking (that can get your staff up to speed and excited to start designing) to a customized workshop or series of workshops that will help guide you through a focused project; the CreatEdu team will work with you to determine your needs, goals and create a plan that is right for your school or organization.

Examples of a few workshops CreatEdu has customized for schools or organizations:

Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop
This workshop will introduce the faculty and staff at your school or organization to the concept of Design Thinking through hands-on experiences.  The team will leave this training with an understanding of what Design Thinking is and how it will be applied.

Focus Challenge Workshop
For organizations that are looking to solve a particular challenge, such as redesigning a program or improving culture we offer a focus challenge workshop. Participants will get an introduction to the Design Thinking research process: understanding, observing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing.  Using this process they will work on designing for the school/organization-based challenge.  Depending on the nature of the challenge selected, this workshop may also involve the students or users. This may also be a multi part workshop/engagement.

Customized Workshop
We work closely with you to develop a customized workshop that meets the needs of your individual school or organization.  These workshops generally last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days depending on the time constraints and goals of the individual school or organization. At the end of the workshop participants have a clear idea of what Design Thinking is and have begun to define themselves as Design Thinkers.  We also work with participants to determine the best strategy for successfully implementing Design Thinking at their unique school or organization.


The most valuable part of working with CreatEdu was... "learning about the process and power of Design Thinking AND having the chance to practice it and apply it in our educational environment. Having [CreatEdu] available to work with small groups of teachers on specific projects was an important part of embedding the methodology."
-Middle School Principal

Design Thinking increases achievement and engagement by challenging students with real world complex problems and encouraging them to take risks. CreatEdu founder Coeylen Barry spoke about Design Thinking in schools at TEDx Denver Teachers in 2013. See the talk here.

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