Coaching: Project Support & Curriculum

After participating in a workshop with CreatEdu, we can continue to provide ongoing support as you integrate Design Thinking into your school or organization.  Coaching can take place in person or remotely; we provide one-on-one coaching as well as department or organization-wide support.coaching

Coaching can be used for:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Brainstorming and troubleshooting challenges in your organization
  • Space Redesign
  • Program Implementation
  • Experimentation with new prototypes
  • Culture Redesign and more…

Coaching hours will help your school or organization to keep momentum going, troubleshoot and offer support as needed throughout the Design Thinking process.


The most valuable part of working with CreatEdu was... "learning about the process and power of Design Thinking AND having the chance to practice it and apply it in our educational environment. Having [CreatEdu] available to work with small groups of teachers on specific projects was an important part of embedding the methodology."
-Middle School Principal

Design Thinking increases achievement and engagement by challenging students with real world complex problems and encouraging them to take risks. CreatEdu founder Coeylen Barry spoke about Design Thinking in schools at TEDx Denver Teachers in 2013. See the talk here.

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