Links to Design Thinking Resources

Below are a number of links that will give you a better idea of what Design Thinking is and how it can be used in the classroom.

General for Stanford Design School K-12 lab that gives an overview of what Design Thinking is and how it is used in the classroom.

Wiki of Design Thinking resources.

Student video of the design process (low res but might help you get a slightly better picture of what the process looks like).

Overview of the at Stanford as a whole focused on the graduate program.

An interesting talk on how Design Thinking can be used in a rural under-resourced schools.  From minute 6 on it talks more about Design Thinking in schools specifically.

Cool animated video about the importance of creativity in education by Sir Ken Robinson.

TED talk given by Tim Brown, the CEO of the “innovation and design” firm IDEO, about the importance of human centered design and the need to think and design bigger.

The founder of the Stanford talks about Design Thinking on 60 Minutes and how to design breakthrough innovations. 

The Clinton Global Initiative Launches its opening plenary session “Designing for Impact”.

The Project H Toolbox includes big projects, lectures, lesson plans & activities, readings & videos put together and used in Project H’s Studio H and Camp H programs.

Design Thinking for Educators offers a ToolKit (Version 2) designed for K-12 educators by Riverdale Country School & IDEO.



The most valuable part of working with Createdu was... "learning about the process and power of Design Thinking AND having the chance to practice it and apply it in our educational environment. Having [Createdu] available to work with small groups of teachers on specific projects was an important part of embedding the methodology."
-Middle School Principal

Design Thinking increases achievement and engagement by challenging students with real world complex problems and encouraging them to take risks. Createdu founder Coeylen Barry spoke about Design Thinking in schools at TEDx Denver Teachers in 2013. See the talk here.